Monday, May 20, 2013


Hi Everyone!

Oh my gosh so many things are happening! Haha life is so crazy. This has been a really really busy week for us. My new companion is named Elder Manufekai, he's from L.A. but he's Tongan. We get along great! We have lots of things in common and we have tons of fun. I can't believe how tired I am haha! They weren't kidding when they said a mission will wear you out! I'm worn out and i've only been out 2 months! haha.

Well, remember the Jones family I told you about? He's the guy who's sister got beat up. Anyways, we made him a deal that if he came to church on Sunday, we would help him build and paint his deck on the front of his house. And guess what, they came to church yesterday! It's awesome, he said he loved it and is coming back next week. The kids came last week and yesterday, so they've been twice. Dakota is 16, Aaron is 14, Matthew is 12, and Lucas is 9. (they're all above baptism age!!!) haha. At first, Mr. Jones was really skeptical and weary of us, because he has had bad experiences with other churches in the past. But we kept coming back to his house just to talk and help him with things, and he said that really impressed him. He said he's never been to a church like that and he said he likes how he feels. The kids are definitely ready for baptism, we just have to teach them more. They still need to hear 3 more lessons. I really hope I will still be here to see them be baptized. They are awesome and I can't wait to teach them more. Michael (Mr Jones) and his wife smoke a lot, so it will take more time for them to prepare for baptism. But he said that after coming to church, he feels like The Lord wanted him to move to Montana, and he feels like God sent us to him. It's so inspiring to hear that from him!

As for our other investigators, things are going well, but they are progressing slowly. Doc is taking his sweet time haha. He's an awesome guy. He is so ready for baptism, he just doesn't know it. We are trying to help him realize that God loves him and knows him specifically,. I know that the gospel will help him so much! He just needs to take that leap of faith things will work out. Also, this week I have learned that it is sooooo important to stop and listen to investigators. That way the spirit can be present while they gather their thoughts and give us an answer. We try to ask inspired questions, to get people to think deep and realize that their father in Heaven loves them.

I love the people here, I will be sad to leave. I'm so excited for Brazil and our VISA's should be here soon, probably within the next two weeks. Life is so good! We are staying busy and working our tails off. Oh and Mom, you'll be proud to know that I've learned like 3 new hymns on the piano and a few other songs! It's crazy how easy it is for me to learn songs while I'm on my mission! I think the spirit helps me or something, because I have been able to just listen to a song and pick it out by ear and then I'll have it within an hour or so of practicing. It's awesome. hopefully there will be pianos in Brazil haha.

There have been lots of funny things that have happened but they wouldn't be funny in an email haha. You just had to be there! I've had the Macarena stuck in my head for like the last 3 days and I'm driving my companion crazy I think, because I don't know the words, I just keep singing hamanumanamanammanamaena..... hamnaanamnduanarena....hamanakanmanamarena.... HEEEEYYY MACARENA!!! Haha

Well everyone, I love you all so much! I'm so grateful for each and every one of you. Things are going great and I hope to hear from all of you! Eu ti amo!


Elder Kyle Payne

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