Tuesday, August 12, 2014

WEEK #73

Friends and Family,

Sorry I didn't get to email yesterday, there was a problem at the Lan-house and the Internet was down so we couldn't email unfortunately. So we went to Cuiabá instead and went to this park where you can feed monkeys and stuff! It was pretty sweet, it is crazy to me how smart the monkeys are! They are also thieves,so we have to be careful with our stuff. We went with the Assistants and also some sister missionaries from our zone and from the Industriario Zone, it was way fun. Elder J. Batista got poop thrown at him by one of the monkeys, apparently he made the monkey mad. The monkey just started pooping in his hand and throwing it at him, I about died laughing!!! I thought it only happened in movies and stuff haha. I will send some photos.

Oh so I actually have big news! Elder Nere got transferred last Monday night after pday, and I got a new companion...... ELDER WATCHMAN!!! My MTC companion! We were both so excited haha it has been so fun! Our whole missions we have been talking about how we want to be companions again and how it would be tons of fun, and then all of the sudden it happened! So now we are both zone leaders here in the Cuiabá Zone. It was kind of crazy though, because we had Zone Meeting last Tuesday, so Watchman got here at like 11 pm Monday night and had to prepare a training to give to the zone for Tuesday morning. It went well though. The trainings we gave were cool, but we decided to do an activity at the zone meeting as well. Since it is a new transfer and one of our goals was unity between missionaries in the zone, we split up into 4 groups and then each missionary took turns telling their conversion story, why they are on a mission, biggest thing they have learned since coming on the mission, and also the funniest moment/experience of their mission. It turned out really well and created lots of new friendships. It was tons of fun! One of our other goals is to mark more baptismal dates with investigators, as well as follow up with them every day on their commitments and how they are doing to prepare for baptism. Our zone had a goal to get 20 baptisms this transfer, so we will see how it goes! I feel like things will go really well, the zone seems super excited and ready to work.

So the other big news this week was that Alexandre was baptized on Saturday! It was an awesome experience! It was also pretty stressful, nobody from the Bishopric showed up for the baptism even though we invited them, so nobody was there to open and fill up the baptismal font. But luckily the elders in the other ward had a baptism as well and their bishop showed up with the keys, so its all good. We ended up combining the two baptismal services, so there were a lot of people and lots of support for them. Alexandre is super awesome, I'm so happy for him and for the decision he made to follow Christ! He will be an awesome member of the church and bless his family forever. He will be receiving the priesthood here pretty soon, so that will be another big milestone. We are way excited.

I got food poisoning on Friday, it was awful! Probably the worst I have gotten sick in a long time. Luckily we live on the same lot as a member, so he went and got me some medicine and some Gatorades (which are really expensive here) so it was alright! I just spent all day sleeping practically. But we were still able to go make lots of visits this week and meet with our investigators, but we also did a bit of travelling this week doing baptismal interviews for the other missionaries` investigators. 

Next week we will be going to Caceres and doing divisions with them, and this week we will be going to Imperial and working with the other Elders in the other ward in Várzea Grande. So it should be a pretty busy week as well. It has been super hot lately, yesterday it got up to 41 degrees, I'm not sure how hot that is in Farenheit but it is super hot. Especially when we have to walk like 15 kms every day to visit people, it gets pretty tiring, but its worth it.

Anyways, that about sums up the week. I love this work, so happy to be here in Brazil right now! I hope you all have an amazing week, remember to read your scriptures and say your prayers! :) Love and miss you guys!

Elder Kyle Payne

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