Monday, April 29, 2013


Hello everyone!

Well, I made it to Montana! I got picked up at the airport by my friend and old fellow ward member Elder Luke Olsen. It was really good to see him! We then went and ate at Golden Corral, which was awesome. We went to the mission home and then split up for our new areas. It was sad to leave my district but exciting at the same time. It is so beautiful up here! The mountains are gorgeous. I'm in a little town called Lincoln, it has about 900 people but the church is gaining a presence, we had 3 investigators come to church yesterday and I got to speak in Sacrament Meeting! We taught two lessons yesterday and today is our p-day but we did a bunch of yard work with the people we are staying with. I live with the Caudelle's, they are members me and my companion live in a little cottage up in the woods, it is so awesome. I am excited to get out and teach more! It is so good to be out of the MTC and into the real world! Haha. It was really hot when we got to MT and yesterday was perfect, like 70 degrees, but today it snowed. Go figure. Things are looking good though, we are doing a bunch of service tomorrow and on Wednesday we are teaching an investigator named Doc. I met him at church yesterday and he seems awesome, he's about 55 and single. He has a masters and professional degree in History, so he is really interested in all the Wars and things in the Book of Mormon. He believes it is a true book and everything he just has a lot of questions. It seems promising. I can't wait to teach him.
My companion's name is Elder Halversen s about 5'6" and weighs maybe 120, so I've got a good 90 pounds on him haha. He's a solid missionary though and I'm glad he's my trainer. He helps me out with the Language, his last comp. was also waiting on his VISA too.
We had a really cool experience yesterday. So one of our investigators didn't come to church and they didn't answer their phone, so after church when we were walking around town and visiting people, I had a really strong feeling that we should go talk to them. I didn't even know their names or anything, I just said hey Elder Halverson, who are those people that didn't come to church today? He said it was the Jone's. I told him i felt like we should go stop by. So we went to their house, and it turns out that Mr. Jones's sister was beaten by her son with a hammer the night before, and she is on life support and they don't know what will happen because her forehead is crushed. So scary. He was so sorry that he didn't come to church and he kept apologizing for being rude, but we talked with him for a good while about how everything will be alright and that we are here to help him with anything he needs. We gave him a DVD about Christ and bore our testimonies. It was a really cool experience, I'm hoping that he will watch the video with his family and come to church next Sunday I'm really glad we went over and talked to him because otherwise we would have had no idea what was going on. It is amazing to see the Lord's hand at work. I know that we were in the exact right place at the right time so that we could go talk to him and leave him with a spiritual message.
Today is my Dad's birthday! I really love my dad. I wish I had a birthday present haha but I guess this letter will have to do! Happy birthday dad I hope you have a great day. Hopefully you will at least get to go golfing or something :)
I'm so excited to serve! I'm not sure how long I'll be in Montana but I am going to work as hard as i can and make the most of it while I'm here. This is precious time and I want to make the Lord proud. I will send pictures when I figure out how to make this computer work, for some reason it won't read my SD card but I will figure it out.
My challenge for all of you this week is to look for ways to serve others around you and take every opportunity you can to help people, even in seemingly insignificant ways. Most of the blessings we receive from the Lord are through other people. You never know when something you do for someone is an answer to their prayers. I love you all so much and can't wait to hear from you. Thank you for all the love and support! Tchau!
Elder Kyle Payne

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  1. Wow. Who is this awesome guy? I want to be like him!