Monday, July 15, 2013

WEEK #17

Hello everyone! :)
Things are going really well here. We had Logan's baptism on Saturday! It was awesome! It was both mine and Elder Manufekai's first baptism, so it was a really neat and memorable experience. Elder Manufekai received some bad news that his auntie who has cancer most likely isn't going to make it, the chemo didn't work so she doesn't have too long left. He was going through a hard time and I felt like he should baptize Logan, since he's been out longer and everything. So he performed the baptism and I confirmed Logan on Sunday. That was awesome as well!
This week has been really tough but really good. We've been super busy, but it has just been a roller coaster! So the Jones were supposed to get baptized this coming Saturday, but Dakota backed out because she said she isn't ready. Matthew is still getting baptized but we had to push his date back to the 23rd, so that'snext Tuesday. I will baptize him on that day, if everything goes to plan and things work out :)
Oh, we had another stupid bat in our cabin! This one was more aggressive and it kept us up all night! haha just when we would fall asleep it would flutter past our heads and freak us out. We finally caught it in a box yesterday, but in the process of catching it we hurt its wing, so it was unable to fly. It died this morning on the grass. I don't feel bad though, it pooped everywhere and terrorized us for a whole night!
I can't believe it's the middle of July! Time is going so fast. Ken and Julie, congrats on the new baby! That is so exciting. I will write you more when I have time, today is so crazy.
Like I said I'm short on time and these computers don't let me send pictures so I will find another way to send them soon :) Other than that things are pretty much the same old story haha. the gospel is true, i love Montana, I can't wait for Brazil, still no Visa, I'm always tired and hungry. haha I love you all so much and hope to hear from you soon. Tchau! Te amo!
Elder Kyle Payne

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