Monday, July 22, 2013

WEEK #18

Hello everyone!

Well this week has been an adventure! Probably the most frustrating week of my mission. But I have learned a lot from it.
The Jones backed out of their Baptism. It is a really long story but basically they didn't want to live the Word of Wisdom because they all love their coffee and Sweet Tea. And their dad and brother was really discouraging them. It is heartbreaking because we worked so hard with them and got our hopes up but they didn't follow through. We will keep trying though. I just keep feeling bad because I'm not sure if I did something wrong, or if I could have done more. I sort of feel personally responsible, but it is a learning experience. We have had problems with our truck, the clamp connecting one of the hoses to the heat valve broke so our engine was overheating and spraying coolant everywhere. So that has been fun trying to fix, since the closest place to get it fixed is 60 miles away in Helena. It has been really hot here but that's alright.
We have been trying to find new investigators because we desperately need them! The problem is Lincoln is so tiny and it is our only area. We have tracted out the area multiple times, most people are tired of us trying to talk to them. And honestly I'm tired of trying to talk to them too haha! We had an interesting conversation with a guy on Wednesday. He was a referral from our branch president but they weren't interested at all. We talked to his wife at the door, she politely said no thank you and we were walking down the driveway and he stopped and yelled at us to come back. He then continued to tell us that we are a cult and that everything we believe is false. He kept telling us that he has multiple DVD's and programs that "prove" that Mormonism is false and that everything we believe is a lie to try to get money. We testified to him and he just shot us down and attacked us personally saying he has zero respect for all Mormons. I immediately got mad but I just bit my tongue haha. I didn't want to cause any more problems, but he kept bring up things and trying to dispute doctrine. I was more frustrated at how miss-informed he was. He was like "i know you guys pass around a tray every Sunday to collect money and you just keep all the money for the church!" he said it was a scam for money. Oh well, hopefully his heart will be softened.
We just got back from a 10+ mile hike today. We went with a potential investigator named Ryan. He took us up to a place called Heart Lake. It is one of the most beautiful lakes I've ever seen! The water is so blue and clear and it's in the middle of a thick green forest. But guess who's an idiot and forgot his camera? ME. haha. If i took a picture it probably could have been put on a calender or something.
My MTC companion said that he has 4 dots on his online Visa application, which means it has been processed and is ready for pickup. I checked mine and I only have 1 dot which means it has been received by the consulate. WOW!!! hopefully mine comes this week. I'm tired of being a Visa-waiter haha I just want to go to Brazil already. Transfers are on August 5, so I'm not sure if I'm staying in Lincoln for another 6 weeks or going. I've been here for 3 months now. I kind of have a feeling I'm getting transferred. Lincoln is a really small place so I'm surprised I haven't gone crazy yet! Maybe I have.... just kidding ;)
Well, being on a mission really does help me realize how truly blessed I am. We should never take the things we have for granted. The Lord has given us so much, it's up to us to make the most of what we have and to be happy. I never thought I'd say it, but I am so grateful for trials and challenges. Going through rough times and trials really do make us stronger. Everything happens for a reason, we just have to trust in The Lord to take care of us. He always will.
I hope you all have a great week and I hope to hear from you soon! Write me or email me, missionaries love getting mail :) Tchau!
Much love,
Elder Payne

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