Monday, August 19, 2013

WEEK #22

Oi familia e amigos!

I hope you all had a wonderful week! This week for us has been
LEGEN....wait for it.... DARY! haha we have been working our tails
off. The area has so many less active families and we are working with
them to try to get them to come back to church. We had an investigator
named Kelley come to church yesterday. He is such an awesome guy I'm
excited to work with him. So far the wards here have really welcomed
us in, we have received a ton of referrals and stuff so it's keeping
us busy. We've been using the bikes a lot so we are outside most of
the day. It's been really hot lately but it's all good. We just make
sure to keep lots of water with us.

Well I don't really have any crazy stories this week but last P-day we
hung out with Joel (the kid we live with) and his best friend Garrett
(he also lives with us). We went to the BMX track in Bozeman and we
were trying to jump this pretty big tabletop jump. Garrett and I were
the only ones who could get all the way over the jump. So I was
getting pretty comfortable and cocky with the bike I guess, but I went
down the ramp faster than I normally would and jumped higher because I
was trying to clear the second jump as well... and I completely wiped
out haha. And of course I wasn't wearing a helmet or anything so it
hurt pretty good. I was seeing green dots for a solid 10 minutes and I
got a little cut on my head but oh well it was worth it! We had a
really fun day.

Elder Greenwall and I had to speak in Sacrament in first ward
yesterday about missionary work. I was a little nervous but it went
really well. It was a great way for us to introduce ourselves to the
members more and gain their trust.

I am really loving Belgrade, this area is so awesome and there is so
much potential here! Oh I guess i do kind of have a funny story, I got
peed on by a dog on Wednesday. it just ran up to us and we started
petting us but it lifted its leg when I was talking on the phone and
was peeing on my shoe so I kicked it and it ran away. There are so
many dogs in Montana. Seriously 99 percent of the people I've met have
dogs haha. I also heard that the population of Cows in Montana is like
3 times the population of humans? go figure! there are lots of cows

Well this week has been pretty normal, we have had some great
discussions with families and investigators and less actives. You can
really see the difference this gospel can make in someones life. I'm
so grateful to be serving here in Montana. But still I can't wait for
Brazil. I know it will happen on the Lords time. But I have prayed and
fasted for it to come, but through that I think I've just gotten more
comfort and assurance that I'm in the right place right now.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and I hope to hear from you soon!
Ate mais, tchau!

Com muito amor,
Elder Payne

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