Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Week #23

Hey everyone!!!!

This week has been pretty good. We had stake conference yesterday and we had Elder Ward of the Seventy come and speak. It was great. We've been really busy working with the Less Actives and trying to get new investigators. So far so good. We have a new investigator so that's really exciting. Hopefully he comes to church this Sunday.

We went on a hike this morning up by Big Sky Ski Resort, it was so beautiful. It's called Beehive Basin, it's this little pond clear up in the mountains by these huge rock cliffs, I'll send photos as well.

It was awesome. We went with Joel he's a lot of fun. Oh also, right at the beginning of the hike, we saw a dang moose and her calf!!!! It was way creepy, because we were walking up the trail and we hadn't been hiking for more than 2 minutes, when I looked down and I saw the two moose walking right across the trail where we had just walked over moments earlier. I can't imagine what would have happened if we ran right into the mother moose with her cub!  I'm glad we were a little ways away. I took pictures though. Also, about 5 minutes after that, we ran into another moose, like 50 yards from us! It wasn't full grown though but still it's pretty exciting. I guess that's what we get for hiking really early in the morning!

I can't believe It's almost September! time is flying by so fast. I just hope I get to Brazil soon so I don't have to endure the Montana winters! haha I packed for Brazil and I only have one long sleeve shirt! crazy

The work is still going forward, one thing my companion and I have been working on is exact obedience. We receive more blessings when we are exactly obedient and I know the work will pick up even more when we're doing our best to follow all the rules. It's really hard though, there are so many rules and sometimes you're just going along and you don't even realize you're breaking one! but oh well it's all a learning experience.

We've met a lot of new people this week so we will see how everything pans out. We helped a family move on Saturday and yesterday, they're moving to Missoula so we talked to the Elders over there to see if they can help unload the U-Haul and get to know them. This family was awesome, they'd be perfect Mormons, they just don't know it! haha.

Well everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful week. I don't have a ton of time today, we have a lot to do still and a lot of people to see tonight. But I love you all and I'm grateful for everything I've learned from each of you!

Much Love,

Elder Payne

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