Monday, September 23, 2013

WEEK #27

Hello everyone,

A lot has happened this week! My new companion is Elder Tayrien, he is
so awesome! He's from Queen Creek, Arizona, and we have so much in
common! Seriously he's like the funniest kid. This is going to be a
great transfer.

Dillon is a great little town, it's seems about half the size of
Belgrade. But we have a baptism coming up this Saturday, and we
committed a girl to Baptism for next Saturday after conference, so
hopefully she will stop smoking before then! They are awesome.

I have a bit to learn as a District Leader now, but I'm really looking
forward to working with the District. They are awesome. Right now I'm
in Bozeman though, we had to drive up to swap vehicles. We live clear
outside of town so they got us a truck instead of a car because of all
the dirt roads. So Bozeman is right by Belgrade, so after this we are
going shopping then stopping to visit everyone in Belgrade! I can't
wait to see everyone again even though I just left haha.

We live with some awesome members in Dillon, their name is the
Williams. They are so funny! Our house is pretty cool, it's part of
their garage that they turned into a little apartment, it's a sweet
setup. We have a fridge from like the 50s it's cool. Oh we also get
free milk from the neighbors, they have a ranch and a cow named Lucy,
so they give us free milk every week! It's so good! It's fresh and you
have to shake up the cream that sits on top. We call the milk Lucy

I don't have a ton to report this week, I'm just getting settled in to
the new area. Things are going great though. I hit my 6 month mark on
Friday. I can't believe it's been that long! Time has gone by so fast
it's crazy. I am not looking forward to going home yet, even though I
miss everybody. Good thing I've got some time left :) Yesterday was my
Uncle Brian's memorial of when he passed away. I can't believe it's
been 10 years! I am so grateful for the example he set to me by
serving a mission. I am so glad I'm a missionary right now doing the
same work he did, except in Montana and soon Brazil! (Hopefully)

I love you all very much and you all better be reading your
scriptures! Haha. They are so important and we can learn so much from
them. Have a wonderful week and I hope to hear from you soon! Keep the

Com amor,
Elder Payne

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  1. It's so good to read missionary letters. I could use some Lucy Juice. I was one of your mother's best friends growing up---I can't believe you are in Bozeman, Montana! That's the question that got my son out in the geography bee. Take care!