Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Hey everyone,

So I have a little bit of news! Don't get too excited it's not my Visa haha. But anyways this morning while I was in the shower, the assistants to the President called and asked to speak to me, so elder
Tayrien yelled at me and said it's the assistants so i jumped out of the shower with shampoo in my hair and everything haha. He asked to speak to me in private so I thought it must be my visa! But nope... He
asked me how the exchange went with the Elders up in Whitehall, and i told him my thoughts and concerns. Then he asked me how I felt about moving up to Whitehall and being Elder Sumner's permanent companion up there, because it is the beginning of his mission and he needs to be set straight so that he will have a successful mission. I said I don't really know but if you guys need me up there I'm willing to do it. So he said that's what they're going to do. 

So now I'm getting transferred to Whitehall tomorrow after Zone conference and that will be my new area. I'm pretty frustrated, I don't want to leave Dillon and I love the people here, especially the people we live with. They're so cool. And Elder Tayrien is such an awesome companion I am kind of mad we are getting split up. But I will still be district leader, Whitehall is in the District so I'll see Elder Tayrien every week and everything and still have my normal responsibilities. But oh well I guess if this is what President Mecham needs me to do then I'll do it.

So Mom i will let you know my new address once I get it and let you know how things are going. Hopefully I'll get to use a truck up there! Wish me luck!

Elder Payne

p.s. I did get a letter from the travel office about my visa, I had to get my fingerprints done at the police station and fill out a third-party form for my police record. So I got that done and sent it back to Salt Lake, so hopefully my dang visa should get here pretty soon :)

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