Monday, October 14, 2013

WEEK #30

Whats up everyone?! :)

I hope you all had a wonderful week. Things in Whitehall are going really well right now, we are trying to stay busy as it is a small town. But the members and people here are so awesome. I love them. It is so hard leaving an area after you fall in love with the people there! I can tell it is going to be tough leaving Whitehall. It is a ranching community, so everyone has ranches and horses and stuff. We also cover a few small towns outside of Whitehall, so we have people we go see out there, too.

We had stake conference on Sunday in Butte, so it was good to see all the other missionaries there. Every speaker at stake conference spoke on missionary work and the importance of members to help hasten the work. It was great :)

No word on my Visa, and it's driving me nuts haha. I know I'm here in Montana for a reason though, and the Lord needs me, Elder Jackson, and Elder Rasmussen here as well. We're the remaining missionaries in Montana from the MTC district. One day we'll get there! Sometimes I wonder if I am actually going to Brazil or not! I've thought about it so much, it just seems like a dream haha.

Anyways, things have been going good as a district as well. Our Districts numbers have improved each week, and they are finding and teaching more people. I had the district set goals at District Meeting last week, and we are totally kicking butt. Our goals were to 1) Wake up on time every morning, 2) Not gossip or talk bad about previous companions, and 3) Have quality planning time each night. So far, everyone is doing awesome. I have each companionship call me when they wake up at 6:30 each morning, so we are all accountable to ourselves and each other to wake up on time. So far so good.

I have had a lot of time this week to study and ponder the scriptures. they are such a huge blessing in our lives! I wish I would have woken up and realized this when I was younger! Oh well, I have realized now :) I've really started to learn that there are many many things that I can't control, such as my Visa, investigators' decisions or keeping commitments, and other missionaries. So I shouldn't dwell on or worry about what others do. I should just focus on what I can do. I often try to manipulate situations and try to get things to go my way, and in doing so I try to force other people to think like I do or see things like I do. But instead I need to focus in internal things and what I can control and not worry about external things like other people or situations. 

Well, I hope you all have a great week! Pray super hard for my Visa to come ;) haha love you guys! 

Alma 36:3

Com amor,
Elder Kyle Payne

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