Monday, December 9, 2013

WEEK #38


I hope everyone had a great week! It has been a good week down here in Brazil. It has been super super hot and humid. It is rainy season right now, so usually it rains during the afternoon for a little bit then it stops! It helps it cool down a bit when it rains but then it makes it way more humid so that sucks. But God shows us mercy by giving us a few clouds during the day! haha

We have an investigator on date for next week her name is Dalila, we are stoked for her. We will be praying for everything to work out.

Things are crazy down here though it is a totally different world! We take the bus when we have to go to the Center and the bus is crazy! I got my butt grabbed by a girl on Friday, the girls here are crazy. We call them Snakes because they're deadly! They are really into Americans. 

We had a Churrasco (pronounced shoohasco) the other day. It is basically a brazilian barbecue. They definitely give Tucanos a run for the money! Brazilians know how to cook some meat!!! We eat rice and beans for every meal but i haven't gotten sick of it yet, i love it actually. Rice and beans and Meat! And pimenta, Brazilian hot sauce. It is just oil and chilis but its really good and hot.

My companion is way cool he helps me a lot with the language. I'm way grateful for him otherwise i would be totally lost! haha. The language is coming along better but it is still way hard. People speak so fast down here! oh my gosh haha. But I had to give a talk in Sacrament Meeting yesterday so hopefully people understood me! Elder Kennington and Groff said it made sense so that's good!

There are bugs everywhere, I saw a huuuuge spider outside a members house on Saturday! I didn't get my camera in time before they killed it but it was seriously as big as my hand! And it was grey and hairy. haha i wish i had gotten a picture.

But I've lost a little bit of weight already, i am eating healthier down here. junk food is expensive so nobody really eats it much, but i eat a lot of fruit too. I love the people and the culture here!!!! It is eye opening and humbling. I absolutely love it. 

Well all, i love you all very much and I am praying for you!!! i hope you have a great week! Fica Forte!!!

Elder Kyle Payne

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