Monday, December 16, 2013

WEEK #39

Tranquilo família e amigos!

Well this week has been pretty crazy, we have gone on exchanges a ton. So I have been going with Elder Groff and Elder Moraes lately. My Portuguese has improved though so that's good. Its fun with Elder Groff, because he is trying to learn English and so we teach each other while we are walking and stuff. Anyways, so on Thursday Elder Moraes found out he is getting transferred to be an AP in the south, so we got a new roommate Elder John. He's from Idaho Falls and he's way cool! Then yesterday at church, President Reber came and spoke at our sacrament meeting and he came up to me afterwards and was like Elder Payne remind me where you´re going again? I was like uuuhhhhh what do you mean? And he was like oh that's right I haven't told you yet... Well, you're being transferred! Haha so me and Elder Kennington are going to the south! We are both going to Campo Grande. It is the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul and its a big city. Elder Watchman is there so I'm excited. I have heard lots of good things about Campo, they even have a Walmart so that is good news! I am kinda bummed though, I was looking forward to being with Elder John here and I will really miss the area. The ward here is awesome. The reason they're transferring us is because there is a group of missionaries going home this week and the mission isn't receiving any more, so they are taking some Elders out of areas that have more than one companionship to fill in. 

Anyways, tomorrow we have Conferencia Natal (Christmas Conference) in the Center, then after that I have to take a 12 hour bus ride to Campo Grande. I'm not looking forward to that at all. But Elder Mayolo and Kennington will be on the bus with me so that will be good. My new companion is a Brazilian, and I will live with the Zone Leaders there who are also both Brazilian! So I will be the only American in the house. I'm nervous but I am hoping I will learn Portuguse a lot faster that way. Presidente Reber told me he thinks I'm ready to have a Brazilian companion so I guess we will see how it goes!

Our baptism fell through this week, it is really frustrating. Her name is Dalila and she just isn't keeping commitments or anything. That's the hard part about Brazil. Tracting works here and the people are really open and friendly and you can talk to them about God and Jesus all day. But the hard part is getting them to read the book of Mormon and actually attend church. Everybody here is really relaxed and flies by the seat of their pants haha so it is tough. I like it though the culture is awesome.

Oh also, time here is just kind of whatever, nobody really cares about the time. It is taking some getting used to, because in Montana we planned out everything and were on time. But here people will be like oh yeah come tomorrow night for dinner! Which means dinner could be anywhere from 6-9 o clock. So sometimes we wait around forever but its way cool. Church doesn't always start or end on time either haha. 

I have lost some weight already, they use the Kilograms instead of pounds so I'm not sure how many pounds I am but I weighed 97 Kilograms the other day. I think its around 215 pounds. There just isn't a lot of food to eat its hard to explain! Like in Montana I just ate cereal and sandwiches and eggs and potatoes and stuff, but Cereal here is super expensive and they don't have normal milk in the gallons, they just have like evaporated milk and when you buy it its warm. so for breakfast i just have fruit or granola, and then for Almoço (lunch) we have a really big meal of rice and beans and meat at members houses. Its the biggest meal of the day. Then sometimes we have Jantar (dinner) or we just eat some bread. Also i drink tons of water and juice and coke. So here there is an herbal drink called Tereré, you put the herbs in a cup with water or juice and drink it through a filtered metal straw thing. Everybody drinks it here and just passes it around like peace pipe haha. It is an acquired taste but its really good!  

Oh man I love Brazil I just cant wait until i can speak the language fluently! I pray every day that it will improve and I am excited to keep learning Portuguese. The people here are amazing I am excited to be able to work down in Campo Grande. I hope you have a great week and stay warm!!! Love you all!!!

Atê mais,

Elder Kyle Payne

Hey everyone, 

So I just got a call from the Assistants, and I am actually not getting transferred to Campo Grande! Now I'm going to a place called Ponta Porã. It is literally right on the boarder of Paraguay, so tomorrow I have an 18 hour bus ride! Are you kidding me? 18 hours?! haha I'm not looking forward to that but I'm excited for the new area. I guess I will get to hang out with the Elders serving in Paraguay so that's pretty cool. My best friend Parker is in Paraguay maybe I will get to see him! Anyways, just letting you know where I will be next week! Ponta Porã!

Atê mais

Elder Payne

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