Thursday, May 22, 2014

WEEK #61

Hello everyone!

Man what a great week in Várzea Grande! We worked hard this week, and were able to get several new investigators. We shifted our focus to working with members, less actives, and recent converts to obtain new people to teach, and so far it has been extremely effective! We have found that it is far more efficient and effective to work with members and ask for references as to who we can teach, rather than to spend a ton of time tracting. We are still making contacts and tracting and talking to anybody we can, but our focus now is working with members, especially recent converts and less-active members. Also it has been very rewarding in another sense, because we feel like we are strengthening members and getting them more involved in missionary work, so it has just been a very great experience so far!

We met a man named Anderson this week, he lives across the street from a member, and she has invited him and his sister in law to have family night at the members house this week. It should be good, he has a lot of potential and seems to be really interested. Hopefully we can start teaching him later this week as well.

So we were scheduled to have a baptism last Saturday at 7pm, and literally at 4pm it fell through and we rescheduled it for this coming Saturday! His name is Kevin, he is 11 years old and we have been teaching him and his family. His aunt is a less active, so we are kind of killing two birds with one stone, because every time we go there to teach him, we are helping her as well. Also, there are always non members there that listen to our lesson as well so we have been involving them and giving out lots of pamphlets and Book of Mormons! The only problem is, they live in a neighborhood called Ouro Verde (Green Gold) and it is like an hours walk from our house. So we are pretty tired after going there but its worth it!

This past week was suuuuuper hot, it rained a few times as well. But we have been coping with the heat by making lots of juice! We have made Suco de Maracujá (Passion fruit juice) as well as Suco de Limão (basically limeade). It has been awesome. Also this week my goal is to buy a hammock, that way I can study in it in the mornings while it is cool and breezy :)

Tonight we are going to be teaching an English class at an English School called Wizard, it should be pretty fun! We are going to see if we can score some new investigators as well. We have a couple ideas as to how we can get people interested :)

Anyways, that about sums up last week. I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love and miss you all very much! 

Elder Kyle Payne

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