Monday, June 3, 2013

WEEK #11

I hope you all had a great week! My week was really eventful and busy. We are working hard and Heavenly Father is blessing us for it! I'll start off with the Jones family. We have been teaching them a lot and helping them with lots of things around their house. They told us that they love us and we are like their sons now! It's cool. They got my email and they want to keep in contact with me when I go to Brazil. I'm not looking forward to saying goodbye to everyone here! Haha. Anyways, we committed them to baptism but they haven't picked a date yet, because school is getting out and they have lots of things going on. But all the kids are ready. Bro. Jones said he and his wife want to be baptized, they just want to quit smoking first (which is a good thing, because they have to be trying to quit and living the word of wisdom before baptism anyways.) I love this family and I'm so excited for them. I know the gospel will bless their lives so much.
Doc is still progressing but just very slowly. We are trying to be patient and just help and love him. Our other investigators are doing good too and progressing. The coolest thing that happened all week was with one of our investigators named Roxy:
Roxy is a single mother of 2, and has been going through a lot in her life lately. We haven't been able to get ahold of her for the past two weeks, and we didn't know what to do. We were at dinner with our branch president, and he felt impressed to pray for her right after dinner, and that we should go see if she was at her house before we went and taught another family. We prayed for her and then headed over to Roxy's, not knowing what to expect. Right when we got there, we could tell that something wasn't right, she was going in and out of her house and her car, she seemed really mad. We were a little nervous to go talk to her, but we did anyways and found out what was going on. When she saw us, she ran up to us and hugged us and invited us into her house. She had just barely received a letter that she has to go to court for her kids, because some of her friends have betrayed her and falsely accused her of things, and because of her past she might get her kids taken away. She said that right after the letter she prayed and asked for help, and just then we showed up at her door. We gave her a priesthood blessing and she said that she felt a lot better. I don't know the whole story of what's going on, but God does. He put us right where we needed to be at exactly the right time. It truly was the work of the Lord. And even more amazingly, she came to church and bore her testimony to the whole branch on Sunday. This was a huge step for her, because she's only been to church one other time. It is so great to be a part of this work! I'm glad I was able to have that experience.
We taught gospel principles class on Sunday to Roxy and her boyfriend, and a few other investigators and less actives. We taught about the priesthood and priesthood keys, it went really well. I remember when I got set apart to be the Deacons Quorum President when I was 12, the bishop told me that I was going to hold the priesthood keys for our quorum and I had that responsibility. I was really excited because I thought I was actually going to get the "priesthood" keys to the church so I could go play basketball whenever I wanted! But then a while later I realized they weren't talking about an actual set of keys haha.
It's hard to write about everything that has happend this week, as it is every week. There are so many things that go on but I'm trying to remember all the highlights. This truly is the Lord's work and I feel so blessed to be a part of it. Heavenly Father ALWAYS knows best, and he will never lead us astray. Things will always work out how they're supposed to. I have seen many small miracles and some big ones on my mission so far, and I know that they happen when we are obedient and do our best. The Lord always blesses us when we are doing that which we know is right.
My visa still hasn't come, but I'm not worried about it anymore. It will happen when it happens. Oh also, Elder Mayolo, from my MTC district, just got transferred into my district here in MT! I'm so excited! He's one of my best friends now. Hopefully we will get to be companions in Brazil! We are so alike and we get along great, I know that we could be awesome companions. I'm gonna talk to the mission president in Brazil to see if we can make that happen ;) jk. My challenge for you this week is to read Alma 32 from the Book of Mormon. Faith is likened unto a seed, and it explains what we can do to strengthen our faith and testimonies. As we nourish that seed and desire with the word of God, it will blossom into a testimony of the truth. I struggled for a long time to gain a testimony and to know that Heavenly Father truly loved me, but after reading this along with other scriptures and taking it to heart, I have been able to develop a testimony and have true faith. I'm not perfect, but I'm trying to be better every day and become the best that I can. I promise as you read this chapter, ponder it, and pray about it, you will receive revelation on how you can increase your faith and gain a stronger testimony. I know I'm just a young kid and I don't know everything, but I KNOW that Heavenly Father blesses us when we do our best. I know this because I've literally seen miracles and the blessings that come from giving it everything we've got.
Well everyone, I love and miss you all! I hope you have a great week! Ate mais. Tchau!
Elder Kyle Payne

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