Monday, March 10, 2014

WEEK #51 or AREA 51?

Blisters, Bedbugs, and Sunshine!

Well that pretty much sums up the week! haha just kidding. But I'll start with the blisters! So we have been working in a new part of our area that is far from our house, I'm not exactly sure the distance but its probably like 5 or 7 miles or so each way. We have been teaching some people out there and have been walking a ton, so I have some huge blisters on my feet now! My companion does as well. We met a new investigator last week in that area named Martina, and she accepted our invitation to be baptized on March 22. The only difficulty is that she is trying to overcome a smoking addiction, so we are working with her to prepare for baptism on the 22nd. Hopefully it will work out and she will be able to stop smoking! Her son was baptized last month in Paraguay, so hopefully he will be able to help his mother as well. Also she has another son that is 12 named Cesar, but he has been gone every time we have visited them. But hopefully we can teach and baptize him as well. Right now we have 2 other investigators, Sonaira and Erica, who both want to be baptized but their mothers wont let them.

We had divisions with the Zone Leaders on Friday, so Elder Souza came with me in my area and my companion went with Elder Kennington in his area. (Elder Kennington, my first companion in Cuiaba, is now a zone leader in Ponta Pora) Elder Souza and I taught Sonaira and talked with her mom to try to get her to sign so she could be baptized. And after a 2 hour discussion with her and after testifying and all that, she still wouldn't give Sonaira permission to be baptized. Haha I swear I have never been so frustrated in my life! We both bore our testimonies and the spirit was super strong, I know her mom felt the spirit, but she just kept saying that it is her opinion as a mother and that we need to respect her opinion. She also kept saying that we are joking about God and that we shouldn't try to take advantage of people anymore. But she said she could be baptized when she is 18, so that will be good. We are still going to visit Sonaira and everything but at this point we cant do anything.

Erica's mom is a lot more approachable and I think that there is a possibility of her being baptized, we will see when we get a chance to talk to her again.

So about the bed bugs!!! My bed had bed bugs earlier in the week,Ii didn't notice it until I woke up. But when I woke up in the morning I had probably hundreds of little bites all over my body! So that was pretty bad, but now all the bites have gone away and its all good now :)

We had interviews with president on Thursday, so that was good to be able to talk to him in English and talk about the missionary work in Ponta Pora! Haha it was really hard for me at first to start talking to him, I couldn't put my thoughts into sentences very well but after about 5 minutes of talking it was almost back to normal.

This week also had tons of sunshine, which was great for me because I love the sun, but also bad at the same time. So the only person with a truck in our area that we know went fishing last week, so we were unable to move into our new house. But we are setting it up to move tomorrow hopefully. It is complicated because we live with two other missionaries who are in a different ward, so we had to work it out where they would be moving into a different house with the other missionaries in their ward and get supplies for us both, so it has just been lots of work and stress haha but this week we will move in for sure! the house is awesome too so we are really excited!

We met a new man named Augusto this week as well, he is super super humble and willing to listen to us. We are teaching him tomorrow, we are hoping he will come with us to church on Sunday. If all goes well we will have a few baptisms at the end of this transfer! Even though we had a tough and frustrating week, life is still good! The work is progressing and there is so much potential here, we just have to trust in the lords timing and be diligent. Everything will work out!

Well everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful week! I heard the weather is getting a little warmer up there so get out and enjoy it! :) Love and miss you all!

1 Peter 1:7-9

Elder Kyle Payne

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