Monday, March 24, 2014

WEEK #53

Friends and Family,

This was a really good week for us in Ponta Porã! We were finally able to see one of our investigators enter the waters of Baptism. His name is Gabriel and he is 10 years old, we have been teaching him and his mom, and also his grandma. Gabriel was baptized on Sunday, and his Mom and Grandma are preparing to be baptized on April 5th. We are all really excited, it was the first baptism of the year for Ponta Porã 3rd ward. Good to finally see the fruits of our labors! ;)

We also had a new family come to church. We taught a man named Maxwell and his family on Friday, and he came to church with his wife and two kids! It was awesome to have him there. On Sunday we had 8 investigators at church so it was sweet. We are planning on teaching Maxwell and his family later this week. In Priesthood on Sunday the teacher taught a great lesson about the importance about women in our lives, wives, children, etc. Maxwell made several comments and he also commented a lot in Gospel Doctorine class, he is Mormon already he just doesn't know it! I know he felt the spirit on Sunday so I'm excited to see what happens.

Right now we have 6 investigators with baptismal dates, 2 for this week so hopefully it will go through. We are teaching a girl named Stefanie and her Brother named Guilerme. They have been to church before with a family in our ward, and they said they liked it. I taught Stefanie with Elder Vecchio like 2 months ago and she wasn't very interested, but now she wants to start coming to church and has been going to young women's with the girls in the ward so its sweet!

Friday we had divisions with the zone leaders again. They like to do divisions with the district leaders in the zone once a week. This time I went to their area and my companion stayed in my area. I went with Elder Kennington so it was way fun with him. But the other Elder that came to our area ate ALL of my frosted flakes that I had in our house! Cereal is wayyyy expensive here and i was saving it. Oh well I have forgiven him... kind of! haha ;) 

But this was a good week for us, nothing too crazy like spider bites or anything, we just worked a lot this week. We didn't go get sushi with the bishop because his father in law passed away early last week, so he and his family went to Cuiaba to be with family. Also we aren't having our Churrasco because the elders in the zone either don't have money to pitch in or time to come to our area so we will do it another day i think. 

Well this is the last week of the transfer, so we are going to finish strong! I hope I stay here one more transfer. Also, apparently Ponta Porã gets pretty cold during May and June! It gets below zero. It is the farthest area south in our mission, so it gets cold here. Already in the night i have been having to use my sheet because i was little chilly! haha. 

Anyways, I love you all so much and I'm grateful for the support! 12 months down, 12 more to go! :)

Elder Kyle Payne

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