Monday, March 31, 2014

WEEK #54

Hello Friends and Family!

This letter is going to be kind of short, I am pretty sick right now and we are going to go to the center to get some medicine. Hopefully I haven't picked up Dengue! its super bad haha. I think i just drank some bad water or caught a bug. But this week was pretty good for us, we got transfer calls last night, I am going to be staying here in Ponta Pora again with Elder Rocha. Also, I am getting another American in my district, so now there will be 3 Americans in our district so that will be pretty good!

We had two baptisms lined up for last Saturday, but they fell through. We are set to have two baptisms this Saturday, Cida and Roselia. We are going to baptize them before conference on Saturday. We are super excited! 

We are also getting a new zone leader and he is an American as well. Pretty much in our zone there will only be like 4 Brazilians. The rest will be Americans! its pretty strange, because the mission only has like 35 Americans so it is unusual to have so many in one zone. Should be interesting though.

We are still teaching Maxwell and his family, they all came to church on Sunday and are progressing beautifully! :) haha we haven't marked a date for baptism yet, they are really strong in their other faith so we are treating the situation pretty carefully. But things are going really good here, looking forward to another transfer in Ponta Porã! I have a feeling it will be my last transfer here. Hopefully it is though, because it is going to start getting cold, and none of the missionaries here have clothes for cold! Haha the members said that every year they have to give missionaries coats and blankets and stuff, because in our mission calls it doesn't say to bring anything for cold weather. Oh well we will see!

Anyways, sorry this letter is pretty short, I feel like I'm about to pass out haha so we better go get some medicine. I love you all so much and pray for you every day! 


Elder Kyle Payne

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