Monday, June 2, 2014

WEEK #63

Hello Everyone!

So this week was pretty crazy! I cant believe its Monday again. Time is flying by. I will try to include everything that happened! But it was a great week full of miracles and laughs.

So first off, Kevin got baptized yesterday, it was awesome! It was a really stressful and funny experience though. Originally he was going to get baptized on Saturday at 7pm. But at 5:30 pm his aunt called and wanted to reschedule it for Sunday after sacrament meeting, that way more people could come and it would be better organized. So we reorganized everything and got it set up for after church, then it all started to go wrong! haha. So pretty much everyone that we had asked to participate in the baptismal program couldn't do it Sunday after church, so we spent a lot of time running around asking people if they could give messages and testimonies and stuff. Also at the same time, we had to track down the keys to open the doors to the baptismal font. We finally got those and opened it up and turned on the water to start filling up the font, then we went to the meetings. We went back about an hour later to check on the water, but the only problem was during that time the water at the church got cut! So there was only like 3 inches of water and no way to fill up the font. And we only had a little over an hour until the baptism, and you need at least that much time to fill it up with enough water. So the ward mission leader Adam had an idea to use the Fire Hose! There is a big fire hose and valve inside the church, so we got that out and hooked it up and started filling up the font with a gigantic fire hose. It started filling up faster and it was going great, until all of the sudden it made a weird sucking noise and a bunch of brownish/green water started pouring out of the hose! So we freaked out and ran down the hall to shut off the water, but by the time it was turned off the water went back to normal. Who knows where that filthy water came from. Anyways, at this time church was almost over, so we either had to have the baptism in the dirty water or just reschedule it. We didn't want to reschedule it because we have been trying to baptize Kevin for like 4 weeks now, so we all decided to just go ahead and do it anyways! Haha I feel like everything that could have gone wrong went wrong! But long story short, Kevin got dunked in brown/green water. It was super stressful but funny as well. Everything worked out fine and he will be confirmed next week in Sacrament Meeting.

Also, Gabrielle, who we baptized at the beginning of this transfer, will be giving a talk in Sacrament Meeting next Sunday! It will be awesome! She is super firm and excited about the Gospel. It is amazing to see. I will be speaking next week as well, so it will be a good experience.

Solange and her son Ricardo are still preparing to be baptized on the 14th, so we are super excited for them. They weren't able to come to church because Solange was really sick. We visited her on Saturday night and she had really bad sinus congestion so its all good. But we have been teaching them and they are progressing very well.

We are still working with Elaine and Tatiani, who both still need to get married before they can get baptized. But they are awesome and are reading the scriptures and attending church as well. They only problem is their husbands both don't want to make the commitment of getting legally married, so who knows when it will happen.

We met a guy named Alexandre, he is the boyfriend of a member, he came to church with her and we also had a churrasco with her parents and family after church yesterday. He accepted the invitation to be baptized once he knows its true. We had this huge Churrasco with tons of food, then afterwards taught the restoration to him. We were there with all 4 missionaries in the ward, so there were 4 missionaries teaching it, it was awesome! It was a great lesson and he seemed really interested. So we will be working with him as well.

We also have been teaching another couple named Christine and William, they are both reading the book of Mormon and are going to come to church with us on Sunday.

Overall, the work is going very well here in Várzea Grande! We had 8 investigators at church yesterday and marked times to visit them throughout this week, so we are going to be very busy. We are trying to work as smart and effective as we can.

Last week we also did exchanges with the district leaders in the zone. We were able to do it with all of them except for one, because their area is pretty far. So on Tuesday, Elder Costa came with me to my area and Elder Baughan went with Elder Rios in his area. It was awesome, we taught some good lessons. Also on Thursday, I went on exchanges with one of the Assistants in Cuiabá. It was good and I learned some new teaching techniques. But it was really busy and it was good to get back in my own area to work.

We are having a ping pong tournament today at the church, there is a less active member in our ward who moved here from Japan two years ago, so we are going to play ping pong witih him this afternoon! We played last week as well, it was super fun! Everyone in the district is actually really good at ping pong, so the games were intense.

Anyways, that about sums up the week! I love and miss you all. Take care!

Boa Semana,
Elder Kyle Payne

Alma 32

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