Monday, June 16, 2014

WEEK #65


I hope you all had a great week! Just wanted to wish my dad, grandpas, and uncles all a Happy Fathers Day!

So this week was crazy with the World Cup and all, we had to stay inside during the Brazil game on Thursday. But it was sweet, whenever Brazil scored a goal the whole city just erupted and there were fireworks going off, it was awesome! This is a really exciting time to be in Brazil right now, everyone is super patriotic and there are flags everywhere. We all have Brazil jerseys and shirts now, so its been pretty fun.

We didn't end up having the baptism on Saturday, we moved it to this Saturday instead. It worked out better for Mirian and her family because of work and the cup and everything. So hopefully this Saturday she will be baptized. Also, an area Seventy just moved into our ward, so the ward is really excited and he is all about missionary work, so some pretty sweet things are going to be happening. 

So we didn't teach as many lessons this week because of the cup, but we still got a lot of work done. Unfortunately I think we are going to drop a couple of our investigators that just aren't progressing. But we will be working hard this next transfer.

Speaking of transfers, we got calls last night, I will be staying here in the Mapim ward in Várzea Grande, but my companion Elder Baughan is getting transferred to Rondonopolis. I'm pretty sad though, he is way cool guy we had lots of fun. Also, Elder Anderson who lives with us is going to Campo Grande in the south, I will miss him too! We all had tons of fun. But I am getting a new companion named Elder Nere, he is a Brazilian. I have never met him but I have heard good things about him. We will see. Another American named Elder Moody is coming to be companions with Elder Andrade, so he will live with us as well. So now our ward will have two Brazilians and two Americans. I'm excited to be with a Brazilian again so I can keep improving my Portuguese!

So this week was pretty crazy though, there were lots and lots of drunk people, so we had to be pretty careful. On Friday Elder Baughan and I were working in an part on the outskirts of our area by the airport, but what we didn't know was that the area we were in is like prostitute central! We were walking at like 4 in the afternoon, but literally there were hookers all down the streets in front of motels and stuff calling us over and whistling at us. It was crazy though, it looked like something out of a movie! But we just looked at each other and were like where in the heck are we?! so we got out of there as soon as we could haha. Afterwards we talked to some members and other missionaries and they were like yeah dude didn't you know you should never go to that part of town! Well NOW we know never to go back there haha. 

But we have lots to do today with transfers so I don't have any more time, but we will be working hard this week finding new investigators and teaching all our investigators. I hope you all have a wonderful week and are able to watch some futebol!!! Go Brazil! and USA! haha :)

Elder Kyle Payne

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