Thursday, July 17, 2014

WEEK #69

Hello everyone!

Sorry I didn't get to email yesterday, we left early to go to a place called Chapada, it is a city/national park outside of Cuiabá that has some awesome waterfalls and views, so we spent most of the day there and didn't get back in time to email. But I included pictures, it was absolutely beautiful!

So last week was really good, we had a baptism on Friday it was a really good experience. It was so awesome to see Eder follow Christs example and be baptized! He will be an awesome missionary one day! The Young Mens president baptized him in Friday then Confirmed him on Sunday. There were also a TON of people at his baptism, some members brought cake and hot dogs and soda, so it was really good to have the ward involved. 

We are all a little bit relieved that the world cup is over! I am kind of sad though, it was tons of fun and just super crazy. But it will be nice for things to go back to normal. 

Last week we found some new investigators, but they didn't come to church on Sunday so we are going to visit them this week try to help them come to church next Sunday. It will be hard though, we are going to be doing lots of divisions this week. Tomorrow we are going to Cuiabá to go to the District Meeting of one of the districts there, me and Elder Nere will be giving a training. Then on Friday we are going to another city called Cáceres for a few day with the Elders there, it should be a lot of fun. Also the missionaries there told us thatFriday night there will be a huge Churrasco so we will bring some money to pitch in. He said it will be the best churrasco of our missions so we will see! haha :)

We are going to be moving houses pretty soon, Elder and Sister Davis (The new Senior missionary couple) came and inspected our house and were absolutely horrified haha. We have plants growing out of the tile, termites eating all of our doors and door jams, we don't have any way of getting clean water, pigeons live in our roof, there is water damage in all the walls, the list goes on! haha. So instead of trying to pay and get the place fixed up, we are just going to be on the lookout for new houses in the area to rent. So hopefully we can find one close for a good price and get it approved.

This is already the 5th week of the transfer, so we are going to be working hard to find new investigators and set things up for next transfer so it will be a good one! I think I might be getting transferred, but we will see. Who knows. But the new American that arrived last week his name is Elder Blalock, he is from Mississippi. It is fun having him in the house, so now we have 3 Americans and 1 Brazilian in the house, which is really rare for this mission. But its been fun so far.

Kind of a cool story really quick, so we found a new investigator last week, her name is Ana Paula. She works at the hair salon we got our haircut, and we just started talking to her and she asked us questions about where we were from, what we do, etc. Turns out, her sister is dating a member in one of the other wards here in Varzea Grande, so she was already a little curious. She loves to talk and joke around so we had some good conversations with her then just gave her a card and our number. We invited her to church and said we will pass by the salon and visit her again. She came to church with her sister on Sunday, so that was really cool! We are going to start teaching her this week. But it is just kind of cool how the Lord puts people in our path, even when we just go out to get a haircut. 

Anyways, I hope you all have a great week, I love you and miss you guys! 

Elder Kyle Payne

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