Tuesday, July 1, 2014

WEEK #67


I hope you all had a wonderful week! We had a good week here, it was super crazy because of the World Cup, no surprise there. Brazil played Chili on Saturday, it was super intense. The city was like erupting and shooting guns and fireworks everywhere. But the next game is this Friday, so it will be interesting. If Brazil beats Columbia they will advance to the semi finals, so its getting intense now! The United States plays tomorrow, and if they win the Americans might have to stay indoors haha. But its awesome to be here during the world cup! Everybody things we are tourists or something. Elder Moody is tall and really white with blonde hair, so everyone thinks he is German or Australian. The other week when Australia played against Chile here in Cuiaba, everybody was yelling to us Oi Australianos!!! or Vai para casa Alemão! Which means go back home German. but then we tell them we are American and they still tell us to go home haha.

So this week everyone in our house has been sick at least once! I only have a cold luckily, which is really weird. But a lot of missionaries have gotten sick lately in the mission because the air is really dry right now and it has started to cool down a little bit. Plus our house isn't very sanitary and who knows if we are drinking clean water when we are at other peoples houses! 

But we only had 2 investigators at church yesterday, but its alright we have a solid week booked with visits with our investigators so we will be able to make some progress for sure. We are going to mark a date of baptism with our investigator Alexandre, he has been coming to church for a while now with his girlfriend who is a member. Also we have been teaching a young man named Eder, he has 16 years. Technically he lives in the area of the Sister missionaries in the other ward, but he is attending our ward with his girlfriend Amanda because she is in our ward. He said he wants to be baptized in our ward and will attend our ward with her. So we will mark a baptismal date with him this week as well.

We are still working with Mirian, we marked her baptism for last Saturday, but we forgot that the game was on Saturday and we couldn't leave our houses. So we had to schedule it for this coming Saturday. Hopefully she can do what she needs to be worthy to be baptized. But we are working and encouraging her so we are doing all we can.

Also last week we had Zone Training, so all of the missionaries in the zone came to the chapel here in Varzea Grande. We had some changes in the zone during transfers, so now our zone only has 22 missionaries instead of 28 or whatever it was. But we had a really good conference, I gave a training on Helping Investigators Keep Commitments, and my companion gave a training on Having Faith to Baptize. It was good and the sisters made us brownies afterwards so it was sweet! Its been a long time since I had brownies.

This week we will focus on making contacts and finding new investigators, but sometimes its hard to work in our area because we are going to be working with all of the other companionship's in the zone. This week we will be doing divisions with the Elders in the other ward here in Varzea Grande, but then the next week we will be doing it with the Elders in Cáceres, which is like a two hour bus ride from here. Normally just one of us leaves our area and swaps companions with the other area, but since Caceres is so far and since it needs more attention me and Elder Nere will both be going. So me and Elder Nere will both be leaving our area and will stay in Caceres for a few nights. Then the next week we will be going to Cuiaba and doing divisions with the Elders there. So we have everything planned out this transfer to do divisions and work side by side with all the elders in the zone, so it will be fun and I know we will all learn a lot!

Anyways, things are going great, we are working hard and little miracles every day. I love this Gospel and I'm grateful to be a missionary for our Lord and Savior. Today I was informed that my sweet Great Grandma Jennie passed away this morning, and it just makes me realize again how grateful I am for my family and for the knowledge that we can all be together again, even after death. I want my family to know how much I love and appreciate them.

I love and miss you all, hope you have a great week! Hopefully you can all watch some world cup games! :)

Tenha uma boa semana!
Elder Kyle Payne

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