Wednesday, September 10, 2014

WEEK #77

Friends and Family,

I hope you had a wonderful week! So besides from roasting in the sun, we actually had a good week as well. We did divisions with the Assistants and other Elders in Cuiabá, so we slept there on Thursday night. We worked all day Friday and came home Friday night. It was a lot of fun, I went with Elder Phipps, he is one of the APs here in the north. Also we made salsa and dip at the district meeting in the morning so that was good! Then Friday night we helped Elder Davis (the senior missionary) move a bunch of furniture to the house in São Mateus. The funny thing is, the car he used was full of furniture so I had to sit on Elder Watchman's lap in the front seat for like 45 minutes in a tiny car full of furniture! We got so many stares and weird looks and we felt really dumb but we got a good laugh haha!

So we got transfer calls last night... I am staying here ANOTHER transfer! Watchman and I will stay together so we are both really excited for that. But this is my 4th transfer here so its pretty crazy. Me and Watchman are going to tear it up though this transfer so look out! :)

Also, São Mateus will be receiving 2 companionships instead of just one! It will be awesome! so there will be 4 missionaries there this transfer. The work is going to be so great there. So now we don't have to work in São Mateus and can focus on our area more so it is a relief to us haha. Also, an area called Imperial is getting another companionship so our zone just grew by 6 missionaries, which means we now have 26 in our zone... We have our work cut out for us that's for sure haha. It is now the biggest zone in the mission again but I'm excited! 

This week we will have Leadership Council in Cuiabá, so that will be good to talk about the news and changes in the mission. Next week we will be having our zone training, so we have to decide what we are going to discuss and everything. But overall I'm really excited to stay here one more with Elder Watchman, it will be a lot of work but a lot of fun too. I just really hope the weather starts to cool down just a little bit! Or at least I wish that God could have a little mercy and send us just a little bit of wind or something! haha. 

Anyways, we have lots to do today for transfers and have to pick up new missionaries and stuff so I don't have too much time today, but that about covers whats going on at the moment! I love and miss you all so much! Talk to you soon!

Job 30:30

My skin is black upon me, and my bones are burned with heat.

Elder Kyle Payne

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