Monday, September 29, 2014

WEEK #80

Friends and Faamily,

I hope you are all doing well and are enjoying whats left of September! haha I cant believe how fast time is going! So we had a really good week, there was a huge stake activity at the church on Friday, there were over a thousand people that showed up! It was a Pioneer celebration party type thing, so there were a bunch of pioneer games and presentations and stuff. It was pretty interesting to see Brazilians dressed up in handcart pioneer costumes but it was cool! There were tons of non members that showed up and we got tons of referrals. We met a family of 3, who are actually looking for a religion right now and have already been to church a couple times, just in a different ward. But they live in our area so we are going to go teach them this week :)

We still didn't end up going to Caceres, we are trying to find time still haha. We were going to plan it for this week on Thursday, but we are going to be doing divisions with the mission president and the elders in São Mateus on that day in their areas, but we might go to Caceres on Friday if we can.
We had 3 investigators at church yesterday so it was a pretty good turnout! We also met a family walking down the road right after lunch, a member was visiting that family and they called us into the yard to meet them. They are super cool and super receptive, they also have some sweet exotic pets that they are going to show us next time we come over haha. But we have met a lot of awesome people this week so I'm super excited to teach them and see what happens. We have been working with each of the district leaders in the zone and all of the districts are doing awesome, they all have several baptismal dates set up so we are working on following up with all of them and see how the progress.

We still have something big living in our ceiling, we cant figure out what it is but they are super fast and run across the ceiling, they are probably just rats but there is definitely more than one of them! haha. Also Elder Watchman and I are still doing our 6 months to sexy program, we are working out every day and eating healthy! We even buy spinach and kale at the market, we are taking it pretty serious! haha.

Oh also somebody broke into our house! Well actually they didn't break in to the house part, but they bent the metal fence spike things down and bent the barbed wire up top and entered into our yard. We live on the same property as a member, and the members said that they stole some white benches or chairs or something and some other stuff, but they didn't steal any of our stuff! Its just scary though, now we double check to make sure our doors are locked haha. We don't know when it happened either, we just noticed that the fence was messed with one day. Pretty much all of the houses here have to have barbed wire or electric wire above the tall gates to keep people out, but people still get in its pretty crazy.

But that's about it for this week, nothing super crazy happened, everything is good in the hood! We are working hard and definitely having a lot of fun. I hope you all have a great week, I love and miss you all!

Elder Kyle Payne

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