Monday, September 22, 2014

WEEK #79

Friends and Family,

I hope you all had a great week! I don't have very much time today, so I´ll get right to it! haha. We had two investigators at church on Sunday, we also still have two investigators with baptismal dates, João Vitor and Elaine. We will also be marking a baptismal date with a woman named Mirian, we have taught her a lot in the past but she never got baptized for some different reasons but we will be working with her this week and trying to put her on date.

Last week we worked hard and taught a bunch of lessons, we found 7 new investigators and some showed up to church! It was pretty awesome. Also the group in São Mateus is still going strong, the elders there are doing good work! 

This week we will be going to Cáceres which takes about 4 hours by bus, but luckily its one of those tour buses that has AC and free water and stuff so we should survive! I always try to sleep but the highway is super bumpy and I have a ton on my mind so I cant sleep on it haha. But we will be doing divisions with the Elders up there, so we will most likely spend 2 nights there, it should be fun. 

On Wednesday we are going to be playing basketball with the other American elders in our district, they have some investigators in their area that want to play against us, Brazilians vs Americans so it should be really fun! We are all over 6 feet and they said the rim shorter than usual... haha :) None of us have played ball in a long time so we will see how we play. 

We have some solid lessons lined up this week, so we will have some good teaching opportunities. We still havent moved out of our house, and we definitely have something with 4 legs living up in our attic, we can hear it running across the ceiling sometimes but we are both too scared to go up there and see what it is! We will be movingv pretty soon though. It is tough to find a good house here though that is the right price and in a good place for us, because our house is in a perfect spot for our area, so we are still looking because we dont want to have to walk farther than we have to every day to get home haha ;)

The other day we had lunch with a member and I think I found my favorite Brazilian dish, its called Bife Role, it is thin slices of beef rolled up and filled with cooked vegetables and bacon and spices and stuff, but I about died it was so good! It is held together with toothpics then like grilled and so its just like meat filled with more meat and it is amazing. The member said she will give me the recipe so I can make it when I get home :)

Oh also, me and Elder Watchman have been working out and eating pretty healthy, because we have started our "6 Months to Sexy" program. Pretty much every mission has it, its not like official or anything but basically the last 6 months of your mission you work out a ton and eat right so you can go home in tip top shape! haha. We have been doing P90x and lifting, I brought some weights with me from my other area so I have put on like 2 kilograms which is about 5 pounds more or less, so Im happy! It is good to gain some weight back haha :)

Anyways, the work is going great and we are having lots of fun, our goal this week is to lower our intake of Coca Cola, last transfer we added up how many liters of coke we drank over the 6 week period..... It added up to be over 50 liters of coke... haha but this transfer we will better. Its just so good here!

But I hope you all have a wonderful week, I love you and miss you!

Elder Kyle Payne

p.s. I forgot my camera today but I will send pics next week!

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